Titel presentatie:

3D printing of thermoplastic composites for plastic applications

Korte toelichting presentatie:

In Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), one of the more popular 3D printing technologies, the polymers used, lack the mechanical performance for use in structural applications. On the other hand, tape placement of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites, is gaining more popularity within the composite world. This process has striking similarities with FDM.
The current presentation described the developemnts done at Saxion to develop a 3D-printing FDM process dfor continous fibre reinforced composiutes, featuring highly automated production of complex shapes for structural applications at low costs.

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dr.ir. Ferrie van Hattum
Lector Lichtgewicht Construeren, Saxion Hogeschool

Informatie spreker:

Ferrie van Hattum holds an MSc in mechanical engineering (1995- University of Twente, The Netherlands) and a  PhD on polymer and composite engineering (1999, University of Minho, Portugal). Has worked in the field of thermoplastic composites in academia, industrial research centres and own company. Currently leader of applied research centre in lightweight structures at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, The Netherlands.