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Deklagen op basis van Chroom(III) met ionic liquid technology

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In 2012, OCAS started a project on hexavalent chromium-free hard chrome plating from ionic liquids, which has in the meantime matured to semi-industrial level. OCAS´s development efforts have provided fundamental insights into tuning process parameters, microstructure and the final properties of a coating. Improved process control and optimised surface treatment procedures have for instance led to a coating hardness of 1100 HV and improved adhesion on the various substrates. By implementing an extra step in the process, the corrosion resistance of the hard chrome layer could be brought to the level comparable to hexavalent chrome applications.

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dr. Rob van de Coevering
Business Development Manager, OCAS

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Rob van de Coevering holds a MSc in Chemistry (1999 - Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and a  PhD on Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis (2004, Utrecht University, The Netherlands). Rob started his carreer as a polymer researcher at company Hercules developing polymers/resin solutions for the paper industry. He subsequently took up several technical and commercial roles at company Proviron focussing on fine chemicals for the plastic and coating industry. Rob is currently in charge of business development of OCAS´s Technology Maturation Platform Surface Engineering catalyzing innovations in the field of surface treartment & surface engineering by providing advanced multidisciplanary R&D services to the industry.