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Advanced DLC coatings for automotive bearing applications

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Reduction on CO2 emission is the major driver for the applications of advanced DLC coatings in automotive industries. DLC coatings are unique since they are low friction, hard and smooth. DLC coatings, however, have limitations, such as relative high deposition temperature may have negative effect on hardened bearing steel and the coating adhesion on steel substrate may not be sufficient to resist to cyclic contact stresses. Successful applications of DLC coatings require good understanding on both the application requirements and DLC coating processes. In this presentation we will introduce our development on DLC coated bearings for automotive applications.

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dr. Xiaobo Zhou
Senior Technologist, SKF Engineering & Research Centre

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PhD on applied physics from RuG, working in SKF since 1995 on technologies of coating and surface engineering, steel and heat treatment, tribology and lubrication, polymer and sealing, for  challenge applications such as automotive, aerospace, railway, food and beverage, wind energy, etc. Leading the coating competence in SKF.


There are increasing demands on bearing performance such as lower friction, higher speed, higher load and longer durability. In some cases, the bearing steel, lubricant and seal technologies may have reached their limits to meet these demands. Advanced coating and surface treatments have good potential to provide solutions for the needs. The coating and surface treatment technologies have over 100 million euros direct business impact to SKF.