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Laserflex conflux: 3D multi metal printing

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By laser melting of a liquid dispersed metal powder instead of a conventional dry powder bed, direct precision printing of multiple and functional graded metals is reality. Metal powders used in current SLM processes need tight controlled specifications. Packing factor and flowability are important characteristics essential to obtain a dense and evenly distributed powder bed. By using a slurry, handling of widely distributed, non-flowable and multi modal powder is possible resulting in an optimized powder stacking of the powder bed. By applying droplets of different metals, multi metal materials can be created in three directions in one process step.
The Laserflex Conflux upgrades the current Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) process to provide a safer process, better material quality, finer features and handling of multiple materials, keeping the advantages of a direct product generation process, without additional sintering or annealing steps.


dr.ir. Jaap Hooijmans
Materials Science Specialist - Admatec Europe

Jaap Hooijmans is a materials scientist and worked for many years on a large amount of materials topics. He has a PhD in welding and for the past years he has been involved in the developing of SLM processes for many materials, and now also involved in the development of multi-metal SLM products.