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An innovative technology for the thickness control of industrial coatings

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Enovasense develops an innovative technology for the control of the thickness of all kinds of coatings (paint, polymers, organic, ceramic, metal, clearcoat, glue, etc) on all kinds of substrates.
This laser device allows a quick ponctual measurement, without any contact with the part to measure and non destructive. Those advantages allow to control the thickness of up to 100% parts into the production lines. The non contact measurement allows to have a real-time feedback of the deposition process, even on parts on which the coating is for example still wet, not polymerised, hard to reach, or on parts that are moving in the production line, still hot, etc.
Industrial process optimisation, material savings, higher quality level, better production monitoring, time saved on measurement... there are plenty of gains sources for industrials.


ing. Geoffrey Bruno
General Manager - Enovasense

Geoffrey Bruno is an engineer from the Paris Institute of Optics and founder of Enovasense.

Surface technology is the core of application of our technology and our company. When we started developing devices for industrial control, it was obvious for us that surface technology was the main field of interest since surface technologies give essential properties to all kinds of products.