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Titanium dioxide: European industry overview & EU regulatory status

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This presentation gives an overview of the European TiO2 industry: producers, production process and different application fields where titanium dioxide is used and often considered a key raw material.
Further topics discussed are the safety and sustainability aspects of titanium dioxide. From the regulatory side, the recent RAC opinion and the regulatory activity it is triggering at EU Commission level are highlighted, including possible impacts on the European industry.


Annemie Verhaege
PS&R specialist EMEA - Chemours Belgium

1979: B. Sc. Pharmaceutical & biological engineering - COOVI-Ceria – Brussels
1979: DuPont Performance Coatings R&D Research / Staff Technician – Belgium.
Projects : optimization of SB automotive topcoats, base-coats, dispersions and support of the DuPont Elvacite® AB dispersant product line.
1990: joined DuPont Titanium Technologies EMEA Technical Marketing team
As Technical Specialist I focused on: TiO2 performance in industrial coatings, dispersion optimization, TiO2 durability and new product developments. In 2008 REACH & PS&R coordination was added to my responsibilities.
2015: certified as a 6 Sigma Black Belt.
2015: joined the Chemours company
Present function: PS&R Specialist EMEA.

Surface Technologies and titanium dioxide, for many decades, go hand in hand in the protection & esthetic enhancement of our assets.